Brynna Lynea King: Writer, editor, & raconteur.

Brynna LyneaI started writing and telling stories when I was very young. Whether I was composing poems, making up plays for my dolls and siblings to act out, or just talking a neighbor's ear off, I loved to recount events and imagine storylines. I wrote often and talked incessantly (still do!).

If anything has changed, it's the format of my storytelling. Although I still dabble in fiction writing, I believe great stories can be told through any medium, from memoir to product description.

I take great personal satisfaction in formulating creative ideas, expressing those ideas articulately, and ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to see them through to completion.

Here are some titles, official and unofficial, that I have held:

• English teacher

• Marketing assistant

• University writing consultant

• Musician and songwriter

• Grammar and editing go-to girl

• Literature aficionado


Download my resume for a summary of my career and education. (For a list of clients and writing samples, view my "Work" webpage.)


Business Writing Certificate, Portland State University, 11.2011.

M.A. in Secondary English Teaching, George Fox University, 2010. Summa Cum Laude.

B.A. in Writing and Literature, George Fox University, 2008. Magna Cum Laude.


• I was offered a job teaching university-level writing, but had to turn down the position. I would still love to teach college someday.

• In elementary school during the 1995 San Antonio drought, I won a writing contest with my piece on water conservation. My prize was an extra large men’s t-shirt.